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Shoot Faster. Do More. RapidFireXboxOne.

Rapid Fire Xbox One Controller

Every Controller is shipped Brand New in the Box. Fully tested and ready for you out of the box.
Enhance your Gaming Skills with our Xbox One Rapid Fire.

  1. Choose your Controller Style
  2. Choose your Mod Configuration
  3. Customize the LED as well
Every Function is in our Online Manual



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Left 4 Dead Compatible

Overwatch Compatible

The Division Compatible

Battlefield Compatible

Destiny Compatible

Gears of War Compatible

Halo 5 Compatible

Call of Duty Compatible

180 Day Warranty

Every customer is protected by our 180 warranty. We stand behind our product and ensure that it will continue to work long after the warranty!

Shop Securely

Your online safety is our top priority. Because of this we have secured the entire website with an EV SSL Certificate from Comodo. This and Paypal ensure your vital information are kept safe while you shop with RapidFireXboxOne.com.

Free US Shipping

Free Shipping to all 50 States on every Rapid Fire Xbox One Controller and Rapid Fire Xbox One Mod purchased from RapidFireXboxOne.com.

Elite Rapid Fire Xbox One Controller

Our Elite Rapid Fire Xbox One Controllers come packed with loads of features to enhance your game play. Every controller comes with a 180 day warranty!


Our Rapid Fire Manual will give you complete access to all features

Xbox One Rapid Fire Manual

Click on a feature below to learn more about it

Rapid Fire | Burst Fire | Akimbo Rapid | Jitter Mode | Fast Reload | Drop Shot | Jump Shot | Sniper Breath | Quick Scope | Auto Run | BF Auto Spotting | Mimic | Auto Aim | Competition Mode



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  • Every Controller is Brand NEW
  • Every Controller is an Original Microsoft Controller
  • Our Mod works in EVERY GAME. Past, Present or Future
  • Your 100% Satisfaction


Using only Brand New FROM THE BOX Microsoft Xbox One Controllers, RAPIDFIREXBOXONE.com provides only the highest quality Rapid Fire Xbox One Controllers available anywhere in the world, at the most affordable price ever.

Our Rapid Fire Xbox One Controllers will out perform any others on the market! Hundreds of hours of research and development went in to the creation and implementation of our Xbox One Rapid Fire Mod over the last 8 years. All that R&D was to solely to bring to you, our customer, the most innovative and trustworthy Rapid Fire Xbox One Controller the world has ever seen.

Rapid Fire

Our Rapid Fire is fully programmable up to 40 shots per second and comes with 7 modes preloaded and ready to go. Imitating the pull of the trigger, the Rapid Fire can help turn single shot weapons fully automatic or full auto weapons in to dual or three round burst weapons.

Burst Fire

Turn Automatic weapons Semi-Auto with a push of a button! Simply holding the trigger with Burst Fire Enabled lets you control your Automatic weapon much easier as it shoots 2~3 shots before pausing.

Akimbo Dual Rapid Fire

Two hands, Two Guns, Two Rapid Fires. Each trigger is independent of one another as your decimate your competition with ease with the Dual Trigger Rapid Fire.

Jitter Mode

3 round burst weapons? No problem. With Jitter Mode enabled it allows you to shoot your Famas as a fully automatic with out impeding your accuracy. Jitter mode has 3 sub modes which can further help your faster shooting needs.

Fast Reload

Specially created to ensure your reload time is absolutely minimal, Fast Reload can be set for specific guns on the fly.

Drop Shot

A favorite among the pros, Drop Shot enables you to go prone as soon as you fire your weapon. With sub modes to customize the way Drop Shot functions, it will surely improve your K/D ratio.

Sniper Breath

No need to press your left stick to hold your breath, with Sniper Breath enabled you are able to simultaneously hold your breath while you scope up. Making your sniper shot even faster! Makes quick scoping a breeze!

Jump Shot

A Halo classic, Jump Shot enables you to jump at the same time you pull the trigger, making you a much harder target to hit. Sub Modes allow you to customize your Jump Shop to fit any style of gaming.

Quick Scope

As soon as you look down your sights, you fire. No need to press both buttons. When used with Sniper Breath can be some of the most deadly shots in the game. Quick scope gives you an instant accuracy boost by firing as soon as your aim in improved.

Auto Run

Auto Run is a MUST HAVE! never again will you need to press the left stick to run. Let Auto Run do it for you. When enabled it will ensure you are always running when not fatigued in game.

Auto Spot

Battlefield Auto Spotting lets you inform your teammates and yourself where the enemies are by labeling them in game.


When enabled, Mimic presses both triggers at the same time when the right trigger is engaged.

Auto Aim

ONLY WORKS OFFLINE – Used to automatically lock on to your target in game!

Competition Mode

Modded or not, sometimes we have to go dark. With Competition Mode, The controller will ONLY function like a standard Sony Controller and none of the features will be able to be activated during game play.

Xbox One Rapid Fire User Manual

Enjoy the full color manual on how to operate the Rapid Fire Xbox One Mod.

Xbox One Controller Rapid Fire Send In Installation Service

Send your personal Xbox One controller in to us to be modded with the most efficient XB1 mod available anywhere.

Every Send In Service customer enjoys:

  1. a professional controller cleaning
  2. a thorough testing practice
  3. a stress free Rapid Fire Installation
  4. delivery directly back to your door/customs facility

Elite and S Controller Compatible

Enjoy Free First Class Shipping in the US directly back to your door!


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You Ship It In

We provide several options to send the controller in:

  • Send Controller in Yourself
  • We can Email you a label (Requires Printer)
  • We can provide you a labeled package directly to your door. (Expect in 2~3 Days)

We Mod It

Save your personal time and much frustration with our Professional Rapid Fire Installation Service.

Every Send In Service customer enjoys:

  1. a professional controller cleaning
  2. a thorough testing practice
  3. a stress free Rapid Fire Installation
  4. delivery directly back to your door

Each one of these benefits is included with every mod installation.

We Ship It Back

Enjoy Free First Class Shipping in the US directly back to your door!

International orders are more than welcome!

Send 2 Controllers in and get 5% off!
Send 4 Controllers in and get 10% off!
Have more controllers?

10+ and 25+ discounts available.

Programmable Modes

Shots Per Second

Adjustable Features


Customer Satisfaction

24 / 7 Customer Service

Email Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! With typical response times around 10 mins, our staff ensures you’re always able to use your Rapid Fire Xbox One Controller Info@RapidFireXboxOne.com

We Are At Your Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does RapidFIreXboxOne Ship?

We ship worldwide!

Sending our Rapid Fire Technology around the globe is our pleasure. In fact, it is our purpose!

We use USPS and GlobalPost to ship our Rapid Fire Xbox One Controllers and Rapid Fire Xbox One Mods to ensure their arrival is top priority! We offer free shipping on all United States orders. Free shipping will consist of First Class Economy for domestic orders or GlobalPost Economy for international orders. Get Free Shipping on any international order over $125.

Shipping Methods:


  • Free Shipping – First Class (4~7 Business days from date of shipment)
  • USPS Priority – (1-3 Business days from date of shipment)
  • Express Priority – (1-2 Business days from date of shipment)


  • GlobalPost Economy – (7 to 14 business days from date of shipment) Door to Country Tracking
  • GlobalPost Priority – (6 to 10 business days from date of shipment) Door to Door Tracking
  • USPS Express International – (3 to 5 business days from date of shipment) Door to Door Tracking

International Orders may be subject to VAT (Value Assessed Tax), which is given by your government for importing goods. The amount of the tax is determined by the items value. We are not responsible for paying these charges. You may deny the package but you will be given a 20% restocking fee and your shipping charge will not be refunded.

Question or Concern about shipping? Contact us today!

Is Bulk or Wholesale pricing available?
YES IT IS! Directly on the website! No special account or instructions. Purchase what quantities you require in the configurations you need and receptive quantity discount will be reflected on each items price. Below you will see the discount break down.


Rapid Fire Xbox One Controller Wholesale
1-4No Discount
5-165% Off
17-3210% Off
33-4815% Off
49-9620% Off
97+25% Off
Rapid Fire Xbox One Mod Wholesale Prices
1-5No Discount
6-105% Off
11-2510% Off
26-5015% Off
51-10020% Off
101+25% Off
What is the return policy?
Need to make a return? Did your item not work? Contact us immediately to help troubleshoot the issue. If we are unable to resolve the issue or the item is found to be defective, you may return the mod only when approved by a RapidFirePS4 Representative. Buyer assumes all shipping responsibility unless authorized by a RapidFirePS4 employee.

You may return any purchase for a refund within 7 days of its arrival. A restocking fee of 20% will be assessed for personal returns. Original Shipping cost will be removed from the refund as well.

Make sure to include your receipt in the return package to help expedite the return process and ensure the package is received correctly. To ensure the package is returned safely, we insist that you provide tracking for the return shipping as we will not be responsible for any lost return packages.

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Woodstock, IL 60098
United States

Refund can be processed 3~6 Business days after receiving.

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